Hi, I’m Sheree and I offer opportunities in nature for People of Colour in the North-East of England. As a social enterprise, Earth Sea Love also offers anti-racism training and education to individuals, groups and organisations within the natural environment, where difficult and challenging conversations can happen with more ease and real growth and understanding develops.

I aim to increase the number and range of people enjoying and learning from the natural world. I believe that only from first-hand experiences, knowledge and understanding of the British countryside can a relationship be fostered and developed. It so follows that from developing a relationship with our natural heritage, we start to care about nature and hence start to conserve and protect our natural habitats and species for future generations.

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My values include

transparency and honesty

climate justice is racial justice

respectful and sustainable relationships with the earth and each other

creativity placemaking

to be of service to community

a love of nature fosters a love of self and others

Thanks so much for the session today. Your energy and enthusiasm and the way you share is really great to be around and creates such a helpful learning environment.

B. H.

I want to thank you for the incredible generosity you give us all in THE reading group. You are holding so much space for us in these group meetings to learn, AS WE BECOME more anti-racist in the process. You have PROVIDED a lot for me to think about today. Thank you

K. H.

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