We went walking. We got into the minibus, drive over a mile south and ended up at Blanchlands. There we met with out tutor John, and proceeding to get lost upon the moors.
We didn’t really get lost. This walking expedition aimed to test our map reading skills, our compass reading skills and how to get our bearings.
And it was a wonderful day. Each of us was responsible for leading the group over different legs of the over 7 miles/ over 5 hours expedition. At the end, feet might have been a bit sore but so was begin my ears, as we had such a laugh out there in nature.
At one point, I had to stop and thank the women for making this happen. I was overjoyed and full of awe at the sisterhood we are developing at the same time as our relationship with nature. I fell blessed for being part of this leadership programme as well as this project as a whole.
But don’t just take my work for it, hears some feedback from the other women. Hiranya said: