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As part of our Lowland Expedition Leadership training, we had to go camping for three days and two nights. During this time period, we had to put all that we’d learnt throughout the past few months to the test. This included pitching the tents, cooking on the stoves, choosing our hiking routes, working out our compass bearings and making sure we were well watered and fed.

As these videos show, we were put through our paces, but also managed to enjoy ourselves too. We each became the leader of the group to practice our leadership skills, following the map, compass bearings and land marks for a leg of the whole hike. We used each other as guinea pigs as we assumed the role of knowing what we were doing as we led each other off into the wilderness. What was heartening, is the fact that we might have been the leader for a small section of the hike, but we knew we weren’t alone in the task. We supported each other through the difficult and easy parts, so that we were learning from each other as well as from the mistakes together.

This group of women who just came together to complete this training are amazing and I can’t wait to see them in action for real next time.

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