Hello Everyone.
How are you keeping? How are you coping with everything that is happening on our doorsteps right now with Covid-19 attacking our communities disproportionately greater than any others as well as the Black Lives Matter protests that are happening around the world?

I’II not lie to you I’m finding it difficult. Each day, each moment brings another wave of grief and pain and suffering.  I’m experiencing a great sense of helplessness as I see the fight for justice and equality and peace. Also I haven’t been taken my medicine as consistently and regularly as I should be for it to be effective. My medicine is the natural world.  I’ve been finding reasons, excuses and fears for not being with nature for often these last fews months. I’m fixing to change this in the next few months, as I attempt to venture a little further from home, safely, in order to gain my nature fix as well as give thanks for being here and what the Earth continues to provide for us to live.

One such place I might venture out to is Northumberland National Park. During the first year of this project we have developed a good relationship with the park after enjoying many days of wakingand training in the park. We hope, once things are safe to do so, to return exploring the parks resources and sites, developing a closer relationship with the natural world on our doorstep.

In the meantime, some of our activities along with a sharing from myself about my relationship with the sea, has been featured on the Park’s blog. Their Engagement Officer, Mandy Roberts takes great delight in sharing her work to diversify the park, with some of our groups and activities mentioned. Check out the post here. Enjoy the read.