If you’ve listened to the interview I completed on the Prompted by Nature podcast, you might have heard me talking about my childhood and upbringing and how nature just wasn’t part of our lives.  That space to explore my relationship with nature as a child, is something I continue to explore through a series of episodes on The Earth Sea Love Podcast. In a series of short episodes, as the host of the podcast, I have the opportunity to explore a different aspect of my childhood, growing up and how I got to this point of having to be in regular communion with nature. This connection wasn’t something I was taught or given on a plate to explore. Every experience I’ve had with nature has been a slow, caution and developing experience. It’s almost been like learning a new language. This opening up of myself to the natural world is something I share intimately within the new podcast. I sort of drip fed the narrative over a period of time, just like my relationship with the Great British countryside has developed. I hope you can spend the time to listen in and hear my story.

A couple of episodes in the series will be dropped when we officially launch on Monday 13 July. Until then have a listen to some samples on Soundcloud.