During this time of lockdown, when things are hanging in the balance and who really knows what is going to happen next with the Coronavirus, we here at Earth Sea Love with our Black Nature projects, Wayfinding and Black Nature in Residence, are working to find ways of bringing the natural world closer. There maybe social distancing and limited access to places in the British countryside, at the moment, but there is still a deep need and necessity to continue the great work that we’ve started and continue to introduce People of the Global Majority (PGM) settled in the North East of England to experiences within the Great Outdoors on our doorsteps.

One way we’re trying to do this is through the development of The Earth Sea Love Podcast, which will be focusing on Black Women’s relationship with nature. We’ve been working with groups of women and girls for over a year now, offering opportunities for them to develop deeper relationships with Mother Nature. It is time that we start sharing their stories regarding how nature has had a healing influence upon their lives.