Hello and welcome back to our vital and stimulating conversations with women of colour about nature. This episode taps into the mental health benefits of reconnecting with nature with Shirley-Anne Bingham. We’re so lucky here at The Earth Sea Love Podcast to know and love such a wonderful, wise and beautiful woman. Enjoy the first full podcast episode of October 2020.

“Nurturing something else into life has really helped my wellbeing – gently caring for something helped me learn to care for myself.” Mind.org.uk

We laugh and share our joys. We explore what we have to do in life in comparsion to what we really want to do. All the time Mother Nature being our constant companion leading and nurturing us with her wisdom and support.

What you’ll hear us talking about in this episode is:

* self-care during lockdown
* taking care of our mental health during challenging times
* reconnecting to our inner child
* gardening and weeds
* battling with our calling in life
* being with nature to aid healing during cancer treatment, post-natal depression, anxiety, depression
* childhood connection to growing plants and camping
* connecting with nature for ourselves and others
* the healing powers of nature for everyone.

Shirley-Anne Bingham was born and raised on the North Eastern coast and has never lived too far from the sea. Recently, she has made the move to rural Northumberland, with her husband, 2 teenage sons and 3 dogs. Where once were seagulls, seagulls and more seagulls now she watches woodpeckers, swallows, squirrels, pheasants and foxes

In her work life, she is a wellbeing coach and counsellor specialising, in cancer care, bereavement and workplace issues. Her work is her passion, but can be emotionally draining as well as life affirming and rewarding.

She has always, although sometimes subconsciously, used both writing and her connection to nature to support her mental well being.

“There is nothing like getting your hands dirty with soil, watching the natural world unfurl with each season. It is one of the greatest joys of life.”