Autumn has arrived. The morning air is crisp and fresh. Sometimes with a morning haze. Dew and condensation clings to windows and blades of grass. The sun a little lower and weaker but still a welcomed bright sight.

Autumn has always been my favourite season since a child when I used to take a different route to school each day so I could jump and kick my way through piles of collecting leaves under the sycamore trees. And conkers became my best friends, as my pockets bulged with my foraging finds.

I love me some Autumn. Maybe because October is my birth month too. But there’s something about the nights drawing in and the drawing of the curtains and putting on the soft lamps and lighting candles and fairy lights that give this time of year a special magic that I just have to lean into further.

Over on Instagram, we’re taking part in this months offering called #aseasonedconnection where there are no rules except taking a moment to share our connection with nature, ourselves and each other. There has already been such an abundance of beautiful images and words shared. And connecting with others through our love and protection of the natural world is what Earth Sea Love is all about. Come join is and enjoy the changing season.