As promised we’re bringing you another episode within the week. And it’s another good one as we connect with Olwen Wilson. Olwen is a women we admire and who inspires us to show up daily for ourselves. Olwen is badass. And we’re so excited and honoured to have her voice added to The Earth Sea Love Podcast family.

I found myself laughing along and nodding my head while listening back to this episode. I love Olwen as she is such an inspiring woman who isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on her mind; the good and the bad. And she doesn’t suffer fools either. She hasn’t got no time for any white tears and why should she when she’s a biracial, black woman going through her own hurting and grieving during these troubling times. Respect!

Here are some of the things we talk about:

  • Where we are situated now
  • Exploring Creative Connection
  • Visual Journalling
  • Herb gardens
  • Storytelling
  • Reminding people to connect with themselves through yoga and creativity
  • childhood connections to nature
  • Iceland Creative Retreats
  • Chronic illness and nature
  • Future dreams and planning

Olwen Wilson is a healing & creative facilitator who helps people who are drawn to making visual art but they don’t feel like they have enough talent or time. She helps them figure out how to make it a part of a regular practice in a way that helps them clear their mind (even for a moment), get better at making decisions and take action.

Having taught self-care practices for over a decade, Olwen’s practiced everything from yoga to energy healing, drumming to meditation. But the one she keeps coming back to the most is visual journaling. It helped her learn to trust herself again after suddenly getting diagnosed with a chronic illness so that she could stop wasting time waiting and worrying about what other people think and go after what’s important in life.