This is the second episode released today. Both episodes are linked as they attempt to introduce you to our special guest Betsy Perez. But the words just kept on coming. So sit back and enjoy this episode with the wonderful Betsy Perez.

This episode has been moved up the queue so once you’ve listened to it you can jump onto Betsy’s offering happening Sunday 18 October 2020. Celebrate the Origins Workshop, where you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to listen to our bodies an discover your own unique origins stories from the carnal to the cosmic. Go check it out via the link above.

Betsy has also just started a podcast called Sexually Reparenting Myself.

Here are some of the things we talk about:

  • We check on in on the current situation which has warranted some time and space for reflection without guilt
  • What is a sexual reparenting and intimacy guide?
  • Dominican Voodoo
  • Adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse and trauma
  • Embracing the joy and pleasure through out bodies
  • Connecting with nature for a holistic way of healing
  • Black women’s bodies and shame
  • Inviting the body onto the page
  • African-Cuban spirituality
  • Plant healing
  • Getting in touch with our bodies physically
  • Sensual liberation
  • *****Trigger warning: This episode along with the last one does mention and discuss childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

*** Apologies for the sound quality on this episode also.

Betsy Per├ęz is a Sexual Reparenting and Intimacy Guide, Creative Wellness educator, writer, and performer who advocates for the overall health of Black adults whom experienced childhood sexual abuse. She marvels in the liberation that sensuality, creativity, holistic sex education, spirituality and compassionate witnessing birth through creative expression, and encourages other adults to begin their sexual healing process by sharing hers.

She is currently providing private and communal support via her practice, Papaya Om, and new podcast, Sexually Reparenting Myself.

IG: PapayaOm/mybodyofwords