This episode is split into two parts. This is part one, where we meet Jola Olafimihan and find out about the difference between being a black body in Nigeria to being a black body in the U.K.

Jola Olafimihan is a young woman who came to England to study and has experience many hardships and difficulties during her time here. This episode split into two parts explores what it’s like to be a black women alone in a new and strange country and how Jola found a safe space at The Angelou Centre.

“The Angelou Centre offers a range of holistic women-only* services for black and minoritised women across the North East. The organisation remains unique as one of the few remaining black-led women’s organisations in the north east of England, providing specialist support for black and minoritised women and children, locally, regionally and nationally.”

In this first instalment you will hear us talking about:

  • Plant love during this time of lockdown
  • Urban green spaces
  • The Angelou Centre
  • Women with no recourse to public funds
  • Nigeria and gender and outdoors
  • The contrast between Nigeria and the U.K
  • Living and studying in County Durham
  • Racism
  • Cancer, NHS and treatment and Fred

Jola is a young black African writer, speaker and activist. She loves working and supporting people. She believes in speaking out on abuse of power and control. She loves nature, and would love for us to reconnect with the earth more. She is also one of Earth Sea Love’s young women expedition leaders, hoping to take black women out into nature.

*** Trigger warning this episode does explore racism and trauma