Recorded over the summer, we bring you this amazing episode with Shaira Begum, a British Bangladeshi living in Tower Hamlets, who is a dynamic force working within Green Care for South Asian Women who have suffered domestic abuse.

We are so happy to be releasing this episode with Shaira Begum now. Shaira is doing some great work in horticultural therapy as this is used to support women on their road to recovery from domestic abuse.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Cultivating small spaces like a balcony
  • how plants are our friends
  • Green Care for domestic abuse sufferers
  • making life choices to follow our dreams
  • Outdoor learning such as city farms
  • Sharing our heritage and green knowledge across generations
  • changing the narrative in the environmental movement
  • finding our tribe in climate justice
  • gathering with people who look like us
  • how representation is important for instilling dreams in the individual
  • the power of lived experience

Shaira Begum is an environmental justice organizer, working on health and climate projects with over 10 years experience as an environmental educator, trainer and facilitator.

Keen to live somewhere in the countryside one day with her own chickens, market garden , a fat poly tunnel and goats… Dreaming big!

Shaira was born in Brick Lane and still lives here , grateful for her educators and elders around who have always shown her the benefits of growing our own produce from our own motherlands, the food that we grew up on. Shaira has a background in training and facilitation with community groups, runs food growing and nature connection workshops, naturally runs inclusive participatory ways of working within community care context and bringing lived experience to the forefront.

Connect with Shaira via twitter – @Shairaecostuff

Organisations mentioned within this episode inside The Wretched of the Earth, Wild in the City, and Women’s Environmental Network.

For further reading about White Supremacy Culture we recommend this from Showing Up For Racial Justice.