Welcome to Avni Trivedi, who is questioning the healthcare system through bodywork and working on loss through our bodies. This is episode 018, not 019 as I incorrectly state in the introduction.

In this super deluxe episode, we touch on so many issues and topics which are vital to moving through this world in our bodies. Out stories as women of colour, are no longer going unheard as we share our voices here. We hope if you’re listening and enjoying what you Hera that you are sharing these episodes far and wide. Thank you.

In this episode you’ll hear us talking about:

  • Feeling all the emotions
  • Working as a Body Worker
  • Conscious wellness
  • Working with touch during lockdown
  • Connecting to our bodies
  • Cold water swimming
  • Bringing nature into body work
  • Childhood connection to nature
  • Nature as a commodity
  • Wild, wilder, wilderness
  • Becoming an elder, a Crone
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Zero Balancing
  • Working in healthcare as an elite
  • The weathering of Black women’s bodies
  • Making a difference in healthcare
  • Non-linear body movement

Avni Trivedi is an experienced and intuitive practitioner using touch and movement to help people to connect with their bodily wisdom. She is a Women’s Health and Paediatric Osteopath, Birth Doula, Zero Balancer and Non-Linear Movement Teacher. Her podcast, Speak From the Body’ explores themes such as embodiment, stress, trauma, hormones and pleasure.

Speak From the Body podcast

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