Season 2, Episode 022, pt. 1

Episode Summary

Welcome to our first conversation of 2021 with Jackee Holder with Sheree Mack, your host of The Earth Sea Live Podcast. Jackee is an executive leadership coach and coach trainer working across a range of sectors living on the last road of London. This is part 2, of the 2 part conversation.

Episode Notes

Jackee Holder is an Executive and Leadership coach, coach supervisor, coach trainer, action learning set facilitator, intuitive facilitator, writer, published author, interfaith minister and creativity expert. Jackee works nationally and internationally with teams, groups and individuals. She is the author of Soul Purpose, Be Your Own Best Life Coach & 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well.

In this episode we talk about:

  • being situated on the very last road in London
  • looking after plants during lockdown
  • the triple pandemic
  • what Jackee does as a day job
  • the practice of walking to get to know a place
  • hearing the stories from trees
  • a childhood relationship with nature
  • having a tree mentor
  • having nature as a source of healing
  • claiming Flaneuse as a Blackwoman
  • developing a journaling practice
  • fear and getting outside
  • an inner and outer self-discovery card deck

To quote Jackee, “Journals are a room of your own.”

Bio from website:

Jackee is an executive leadership coach and coach trainer working across a range of sectors (further education, NHS, higher education, media, public sectors and cultural and creative industries). Her creative and intuitive approach brings learning and training alive whilst offering skilful facilitation and embodiment of coaching and personal development in real and practical ways.

Jackee loves writing and is the author of ‘Soul Purpose’, ‘Be Your Best Life Coach’ and ‘49 Ways To Write Yourself Well’ (2013) and has been a contributing writer to several books and articles. Her work has been featured in Psychologies and Red Magazines and she was part of the successful Twinings Tea Take Ten campaign (2011) in partnership with Red and Psychologies magazines.

Jackee writes almost everyday and is a prolific journal writer. When Jackee is not delivering coaching in businesses or organisations she’s busy running courses and retreats and writing e-books for writers and creative entrepreneurs. She supports writers of all levels in one to one coaching and mentoring.

Jackee’s skill as a conference host and workshop facilitator has taken her across the globe. She’s delivered workshops and retreats in several US locations and the Caribbean. She recently co-chaired the Spirit Of Coaching conference featuring Sir John Whitmore at the Brahma Kumaris in London and can be booked as a facilitative host or keynote speaker for your events, conferences and seminars.

On Jackee’s website you’ll be able to find a lot of free resources to support your journaling practice. 

Jackee can also be found on Instagram, where you’ll able to get in touch with her to find out more about her new deck of Inner and Outer Self-discovery cards.