We’re really excited to bring you the first episode of Season 3, with the lovely Velda Thomas. Talking with you host Dr. Sheree Mack, we celebrate the launch of Blended – Perspectives on Belonging: A Participatory Notebook. 

Episode Summary

Season 3, Episode 1 (037) Welcome back to The Earth Sea Love Podcast, with the introduction to our first mini series of episodes with the lovely Velda Thomas, ‘In Service’

Episode Notes

This is the first of three episodes where your host Dr. Sheree Mack is in conversation with Velda Thomas about her recent publication Blended – Perspectives on Belonging: A Participatory Notebook. 

In these special commissioned episodes Sheree and Velda talk books, writing and the creative process, while Velda reads extracts from Blended which they go on to explore with close readings for meaning and healing.

In this episode while exploring the piece called ‘In Service’ they talk about:

  •  The Launch of the pre-sales of the book Blended
  • The sense of achievement 
  • Writing as a Black women and becoming visible
  • Writing = Vulnerability
  • Falling in love with the muse
  • Attention to detail in the writing and editing process
  • The Creative Process
  • Mixing genres for expression
  • Working through trauma with writing for the Self
  • Velda reading the piece, ‘In Service’
  • Centre self and not the other
  • The Nap Ministry 
  • Asking for help/ therapy
  • Nature as a healer
  • EMDR Eye Movement Therapy



Velda Thomas 

Born and educated in England, UK with biracial family ancestry sourced from Africa, the Caribbean and the America’s.  

Healing modalities have always been of interest. Love of plants, herbal remedies, somatic and ritual experiences weave passion with grounded human experience for creativity and freedom of expression.

Velda has worked as a kindergarten teacher, adult educator and birth doula. Currently a practicing massage therapist, sound practitioner and soul writer.

Velda is a horsewoman, nature lover,  mover of the body and world traveler. Currently living in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula, USA.

A note from Velda.

I feel that I am truly an incredibly blessed person to have been born at a time where it is possible for me to uncover more of who I truly am and manifest it as I feel it coming through me.

I am birthing myself again and again, then putting parts to rest, peeling the fine layers away, letting go again and again. I continue to find more stillness, strength and clarity as I continue to walk my soul’s path and purpose.

I am blessed with courage and the consciousness to face myself. If I am fortunate, I am left with something to share be it art, sound, support, presence, performance or simply the primal essence of my own human nature.

I am honored to share what is here, right now, with you in this moment.


FB Velda Thomas

IG @veldathomas11


Blended – Perspectives on Belonging: A Participatory Notebook. 

Book launch Wednesday 29 September, Washington State