Hello. Sheree here, your host for The Earth Sea Love Podcast.

I write to you from deep inside my hibernation cave. The beginning of 2023 is me devoting time to solitude, silence and rest. I’m intentionally leaning into my healing journey. But I thought in order to support this journey, as well as to mark it in some way, I have brought the podcast out of hibernation in order to share this healing journey with you. Over the coming weeks, expect a solo episode dropping each week, as I (re) commit to this space and promise to share at least one episode per month for 2023, even if it’s only a solo episode.

You can hear more about the plans that are happening in the first episode of 2023. And it is only when I come to upload this episode to our dashboard that I realise this is our fiftieth episode overall.

I’m not even going to get into the comparison trap and think this is good or bad result for over two yers since our creation. I’m claiming it now that this is an achievement for our little old podcast. So join me in celebration of this milestone with a listen. Thank you.