Welcome back to another episode from your host Dr. Sheree Mack, where she is sharing her healing journey for 2023.

In this episode, Sheree starts with a poem. ‘When George Met Anita, Bradford 1968.’ Taken from Sheree’s first full collection of poetry titled, Family Album, 2011, Flambard Press, Sheree shares this poem to shed light on the love she witnessed between her mum and dad while growing up.

Also in this episode, Sheree talks about:

* The love between soulmates

* The love of a good woman can save a life

* The story of her marriage breakdown

* The grieving to healing journey

* The expectations of marriage

* Committing to spending time alone to heal

* The power of love as a healing resource

* As a Blackwoman in white supremacy culture

* Listening to the podcast,  Soft Where? by Ayana Zaire Cotton

* To be in relationship with love and care

* Testing the healing process.


” We are all worthy go love, we are all worthy of care, we are all worthy of possibilities.” Ayana Zaire Cotton