Here at Earth Sea Love, we’ve been a bit remiss in keeping you up to date with developments.
What we’ve been up to? Who we’ve been walking with? And we’re sorry about that.
As a group of Black women in the North-East, we’ve been enjoying local walks within nature.
Local parks, woodlands and of course the beach. It’s been kind of informal, ranging from 2 – 5 of us at a time. No pressure to come along. NO pressure to walk fast or cover a distance. The main thing is to get out there and breathe deeper.

It’s been good for the soul to be out together.

Now the colder months are rolling in there’s a tendency for the walks to be less frequent and the numbers to drop. But we’re trying to make a concerted effort to keep the activity levels up. How we’re going to stay motivated it so visit new places and try to get out a bit further a field. We’ll see how it goes, and promise to keep you posted.