Hello again and welcome to the Earth Sea Love Podcast.

Episode 063 is a special episode being released in connection to the walkshops we completed in 2023 with a number of groups of the global majority with the help of funding from the Northumberland National Park Communities Fund. 
Northumberland National Park Communities Fund was a grant scheme set up for communities within the North-East of England to create projects that supported and contributed to the National Parks remit of being designated for everyone. This grant helped us in supporting the Northumberland National Park’s purpose of ¬†becoming more welcoming to more and different people.

Within this episode, your host, Dr. Sheree Mack talks about:

* her love affair with the concept of Palimpsest

* the different definitions and meanings of the term Palimpsest

* how the practice of Palimpsest turns up in her creative practice

* how Palimpsest was used within walkshops in Northumberland National Park

* what the participants of the walkshops have to say about their connection to nature.


Music within this episode is Melatonin Dub by Jangwa from Free Music Archive