“I started Earth Sea Love after a successful few years of public funding providing opportunities in nature for People of Colour in the North-East of England. Earth Sea Love has grown beyond a project based endeavour, it has become a social enterprise, a community, collaborative safe-space where we can explore and share our love of and relationships with nature, each other and ourselves. ”

-Dr. Sheree Mack, creator of Earth Sea Love.

My love of nature, and hence myself, as I believe that we are one, we are kin came about after a really traumatic experience in my life when I hit rock bottom. I lost my career and my reputations and sunk into a deep depression and inability to move forward.

What helped and supported me through, over, around, under this time was walking along the coast and getting into the sea. It took all my energy and will power to submerge myself in the North Sea, but I kept returning. Daily, I’d go to the sea just to be there, be close, get in. It became addictive, no matter what the weather or time of day, the sea held me.

It was through this experience that I recognised myself within nature. I could be myself, small and insignificant self, but also expansive and powerful self. Nature does not judge, she accepts me in all my fucked up glory. She helps to heal me, and she still does as there is no end point with healing. It’s a practice. I offer opportunities within nature to people of colour, in particular to women of colour, as I know, I’ve experienced the healing properties of having a connection with nature. I think if we don’t have a connection with the environment then we are missing out on not just a healing tip, but also joy and pleasure, grace and wonder but also that much needed reconnection with ourselves, on a soulful, authentic level.

I believe I’m in the service of offering gateways into nature for individuals, groups and organisations because through these experiences we can fall in love with life, nature and ourselves. When we are reconnected with ourselves, we are in a much better place to stand up and organise to save the environment from this man-made climate crisis.

If you want to find out more about what Earth Sea Love has to offer in terms of walking out into the landscape, our creative activities and podcast conversations sign up for The Earth Sea Love Zine. Or if you’d like to collaborate, get in touch to work with us or just say ‘hi’, please use our contact page.

“The common sense notion that black subjects are alienated or uncomfortable in the rural location is challenged as the subjects claim the space through their actions; places are changed according to who comes to occupy them and what they do there. And the subjects change as a consequence of the places they are in, while they exhibit a quiet confidence within these real geographic locations.”

– Ingrid Pollard

The Earth Sea Love Zine

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