Earth Sea Love Offerings

A regular group of people of colour going into nature together – we walk because we can.

Walking with a local group of women of colour, we walk throughout Northumberland National Park and coast and North-East counties, enjoying the great outdoors in a safe and secure and stimulating space. If you are interested in joining our monthly outings get in touch.

Anti-racism Training and Education with/in Nature for White People

We know that talking about race, racism and white supremacy culture throws up a number of difficult issues to explore and tackle within any organisation. Who really knows where to start and what language to use? Going on a walk is a great way to start the ball rolling. Each session will focus on a particular theme such as white privilege, white fragility, becoming a better white ally. We’ll meet, go over some readings around each issue, raise some questions that we’ll explore and then walk. We walk it out, talking as we go, and listening as we traverse the terrain underfoot for each of us, externally and internally. ┬áDr. Sheree Mack is Woodland and Coastal Leader Trained as well as holding training in Ecotherapy. Reach out as an individual, group or organisation to talk about the details of this offering.

Virtual immersion nature experiences

Come spend an hour or so immersed in nature from the comfort of your own home. We’ll be inspired by words, images and sounds of nature and create uniques responses in the virtual space and on the page. Sign up to The Earth Sea Love Zine to find out when the next gathering happens.

Visual journaling workshops

Visual Journaling saves my life. No word of a lie. Along with my daily dips in the sea, I would explore my thoughts and feelings, go deep down into my gut wisdom, for solace and answers, through my visual journaling practice. And visual journaling is whatever you want it to be. There are no rules. Mine includes paint, imagery, words, quotes, collage, doodles, photography, nature studies, to-do list and a whole heap of heart and soul. Sign up to The Earth Sea Love Zine to find out when the next gathering around our visual journals happens.

Diversity consulting

Through the development of Earth Sea Love within the environmental and conservation sector, as well as the creative arts sector, I’m recognised as a key figure to make contact with in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion consultations. I’ve been a diversity and ant-racism consultant and point of contact for a number of agencies and organisation including The National Trust, Northumberland National Park Authority, BALTIC : Centre For Contemporary Art and Wildlife Trust. Get in touch.

I want to thank you for the incredible generosity you give us all in reading group. You are holding so much space for us in these group meetings to learn, becoming more anti-racist in the process. You have provide a lot for me to think about today. Thank you.

K. H.

Thanks so much for the session today. Your energy and enthusiasm and the way you share is really great to be around and creates such a helpful learning environment.

B. H.

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