Season 2, Episode 021

Episode Summary

Welcome back to The Earth Sea Love Podcast. Season 2, already. We’re super excited to be landing in your space again with some wonderful and lovely conversation with women of colour from around the world. We spend time together, virtually, sharing our love and connection with nature. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

This first episode of Season 2 comes to you from the host of The Earth Sea Love Podcast, Sheree Mack.  

Sheree lets you in on what’s been happening over the winter months with the podcast ( clue: not very much). She might set out some plans for moving forward with the podcast ( maybe, or maybe not).

But Sheree will definitely share with you a few things that are happening in the virtual and real world in the next coming weeks and months.

Events that Sheree mentions within this episode can be found here:

The Broadside Collaboration, with Theresa Easton, Tuesday 16 March, 6.30pm GMT

Honouring Our Wholeness with Olwen Wilson starting 18 April

Writer in Residence in Northumberland National Park, Black Nature in Residence 

Sheree continuing her personal narrative in solo episodes about her relationship with nature.