Hello and Welcome back to The Earth Sea Love Podcast.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve shared one of our awesome conversations. But we’re back now with your host Dr. Sheree Mack, getting over the mental and emotional and psychological blocks she created herself around the podcast and YouTube to bring you the podcast in its original form. The voices of inspiring women, feminine and non-binary people who are Black, Indigenous or a Person of Colour and their connection with Mother Nature.

In this episode, Sheree has a conversation with Juanita Valture, is a South African born, Bristol based Creative Studio Manager, amateur potter and volunteer hike leader.

In this episode they all about:

* Stepping away from employment to rest

* Retreating from ‘life’ in order to find space and rest

* Recognising that things need to change instead of staying in the same loop

* Taking the leap and trusting that the universe will provide

* Trusting and Intuition

*Leaning into the belief in abundance rather than scarcity

*Creativity and Sustainability and Regenerative

* Making small changes in our day to day lives

* Creating a Race Equity Network within the National Trust

* Research into racism in rural settings could be retraumatizing for volunteers

* Rhiane Fatinikun MBE, Creator of Black Girls Hike UK

* Diversifying Mountain Leadership within the UK

* Rest is active

*Mindful Pottery and moments within nature to {BE}

Bio: Juanita Valture is a South African born, Bristol based Creative Studio Manager, amateur potter and volunteer hike leader.
Her love of the outdoors began from an early age, but her time working at the National Trust was where she discovered a profound connection with nature; and taking on the role as co-chair of the Race Equity Network allowed her to delve into the intersection of sustainability and creativity, advocating for inclusivity and representation in outdoor spaces. Recognising the disparities in access, safety and representation, particularly within Black spaces, Juanita has dedicated herself to fostering change by volunteering as a hike leader with Black Girls Hike, striving to create a safe space for Black women to connect and explore the beauty of nature. Juanita aims to become a qualified mountain leader to address the lack of representation in outdoor leadership, as currently there are only two Black female mountain leaders in the UK. Her hope is that this will pave the way for others and champion diversity in outdoor leadership.


Black Girls Hike UK