Welcome back. As promised, we’re trying to keep The Earth Sea Love Podcast regular, every two weeks. So here we {BE}.

Your host Dr Sheree Mack is super excited to be talking with Charlotte Holmes, who pregnant at the time, met Sheree through their work with the Race Equity Network within the National Trust and Black History Month 2023.

Within this episode, Sheree and Charlotte enjoys a conversation around:

* Sharing their happy news around pregnancy and motherhood

* Situating themselves in places and home

* Sharing who they {Be} and what they do

* Connecting with nature and the land on their own terms

* Education and career taking them away from their true selves

* Exhaling within the kinship of Race Equity Network for the National Trust

* Is the British countryside racist or not?

* Witnessing People of the Global Majority taking up space in the countryside

* Being visible enjoying nature

*Accessing nature on our own terms with our ancestors

* Museums and objects and changes


Bio: Charlotte Holmes, Curator and Assistant Director Engagement. Working part-time as Associate Director of Engagement for Birmingham Museums Trust and part-time Cultural ┬áHeritage Curator at the National Trust. Charlotte’s passion and professional goals centre on connecting people with their histories and equipping people with the skills they need to fulfil their potential. She has excellent communication and research skills, which have allowed her to lead practice in a range of heritage settings. Charlotte frequently speaks at professional conferences, and facilitate workshops and public events. She loves what she does, and brings both emotion and intellect to her work, which includes exhibition interpretation, public events, and workshop and meeting facilitation.


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