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I’ve been a fan of GirlTrek for years now, always getting excited when I receive an email from them detailing what exciting and groundbreaking things they are doing  to support Black Women.  I’ve even reached out to them about starting a U.K. based Girltrek group. No reply as yet, I may add!

Girltrek was founded by T. Morgan Dixon, Vanessa Garrison to get 1 million Black Women across America walking by 2020 and they are so on course. And their recent mainstream media coverage can only help the cause. As Dixon said when interviewed, “It wasn’t because we were walking enthusiasts or because we love to walk. When we started we were just trying to save our own lives.”

The health of black women is in crisis. From figures taken from the US but are similar to the U.K., 82% of black women are over a healthy weight. We die younger and at higher rates than any other group of women from preventable disease. Our bodies, under the constant, day to day stress of living in a racist, sexist society,  are suffering, weathering, taking the strain more than any other group in today’s society.

This is exactly why we as a community need to get out there, walking, hiking, exercising in nature or even urban green spaces, claiming back our neighbourhoods, because each step we take improves our bodies, minds and spirits. We can walk away from trauma, ill-health, worries and concerns by choosing to walk each day.

Get to the Girltrek website and claim a free handbook, Harriet’s Handbook which is a step-by-step guide with 1000 walks and ideas to save your own life and the lives of the women you love.