The Prompted by Nature podcast explores the connection between nature & creativity through story-telling hosted by Meditation teacher and Nature-based Creativity Guide, Helen Forester. Dr. Sheree Mack had the pleasure of having a conversation with Helen about her relationship with nature, past and present as well as the Earth Sea Love projects of the past and the future.

In this conversation, they discuss:

  • Sheree’s background and time as a teacher in inner city schools

  • Her desire to support and encourage BAME creatives in the North East and beyond

  • Her own connection with nature and her passion for sharing this with others

  • The inspiration behind her Earth Sea Love project and some news about her new podcast supporting this initiative

  • The importance of BAME visibility and representation in natural spaces and the marketing of nature-based brands as well as the need to motivate a new generation of black women leaders

  • The financial side of accessibility in nature

  • Land as holding trauma and associations with enslavement

  • Nature as a space of oneness

  • Trauma and grief as a manifestation of our disconnection with nature

  • Self-care as a revolutionary act

  • Love as the source of everything and the importance of being in nature in order to re-connect with this

  • Her first memory of nature

  • Her hopes for the future and what she would like to pass onto you

We hope you enjoy the conversation.