Coming around to some kind of ‘new normal’, if we can say that, has taken it’s time. Here at Earth Sea Love, we have tried to keep in touch and up to date with what’s been happening with our friends and family, as well as the groups and individuals we have been developing relationships with over the past year or so through our connections with/in nature. But we can’t lie, it has been difficult.
This is one of the reasons why we are so excited about bringing you the podcast, The Earth Sea Love Podcast, because this has been a simple but effective way of keeping in touch with people the same time as exploring our love of nature. It’s been a pleasure to sit down virtually, with individual women colour, who we admire and work with, as well as create new friendships and connections through this endeavour. And we just can’t wait to start sharing our stories with you.
We believe that we’re offering unique and valuable perspectives on nature connection. We also believe that once you hear them you’ll agree and wonder where these voices have been in the conversation. They are here now. Get listening.

We drop a number of episode on Monday 13th July. Available on all major platforms where you can hear podcasts. Our podcast page here, goes live here too.