The Earth Sea Love Podcast returns with your host, Dr. Sheree Mack talking with Joanna Henry, an advocate for social, environmental and global justice.


Jo is an advocate for social, environmental and global justice. She is passionate about creating change through who we are and what we embody and believes in the power of connection to heal and transform.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Getting out into local areas
  • Exclusive spaces ‘v’ public land
  • Privatised land in the UK
  • Barrier to getting into the countryside
  • Common land and common right to roam
  • Childhood connection to nature
  • Environmental and social issues connection
  • Woofing around the world
  • Family heritage
  • The gaze and not being reflected
  • Gaslighting around race and racism
  • Peer research project with Countryside Protection for Rural England
  • Homogenising the Black experience
  • Politicisation of the landscape 
  • (Re)connecting with nature
  • Black Girls Hike, getting Black women walking 
  • Language for diverse experiences
  • Self-love, joy and spirituality interconnected with nature

Jo feels strongly about shifting narratives and amplifying the people, ideas and stories that work towards our collective liberation.