I had the pleasure of walking the Pilgrim’s Way to Holy Island this week with Patrick Norris from Footsteps in Northumberland.

There was rain, wind, the sun setting and the haunting howls of seals. It was a remarkable experience one that I appreciated greatly. Walking across the often muddy, clay like sea bottom was a spiritual experience which will stay with me for many years to come. This nature reserve is a such a larder of rich pickings for birds, sea wildlife and seals.

This is a walk, with practice and experience, I would like to offer to other Black and brown women. It’s alll about the timings to complete this walk safely. There is something really special and sacred about this walk, that you can only experience and understand through the walking of it.

I’ve made a commitment to walk with Patrick again as he is such a wealth of knowledge and generous with it. This was definitely worth the effort, and a move out of my comfort zone to complete.