Episode Summary

Hello again, the episodes are coming out from The Earth Sea Love Podcast fast and furious at the moment. We do hope you are enjoying them. This episode is with the lovely Tammy Shakur, an Outdoor Experience Guide from Atlanta, Georgia.


Episode Notes

Sheree Mack chats with Tammy Shakur in this episode about:

  • The promise of Spring and shifting energy
  • Taking things slow
  • A year on from Covid-19 lockdown in the UK
  • Going out to go in
  • Reconnecting with ourselves through nature
  • What does an Outdoor Experience Guide do?
  • Barriers to connecting with nature
  • Nature as a teacher
  • Childhood experiences of connecting with nature 
  • Nature as a healer
  • The value of affinity spaces


Tammy Shakur,  an Outdoor Experience Guide and Certified Life Mindfulness Coach.
Runner, Hiker, Passionate outdoor enthusiast.

Tammy’s passion and mission in life is helping women to connect and engage with nature to support their own personal healing and wellness journey.  She does this through guided outdoor experiences centering nature, community and healing conversations.  

Tammy’s goal in every interaction is that the beauty, the lessons and the seasons glimpsed OUT in nature inspire and support the journey IN for every woman she is blessed to connect with.

Instagram: goingout_2_goin

Meet-Up: Wander Women of GA