Episode Summary

Here with our final episode of Season Two of The Earth Sea Love Podcast we share a passionate conversation with Pammy Johal, from Backbone CIC.

Episode Notes

Dr Sheree Mack keeps her promise to deliver all of the recorded conversations so far for 2021 before the end of July, so she can go off for a well deserved rest. To see the season out she talks to Pammy Johal, an active outdoor practitioner about:

  • Situating ourselves in the landscape
  • Family history and the sense of home
  • Having those important conversations outside
  • Body connection
  • Ageing gracefully
  • The Fannichs ( Mountains) and Loch Luichate
  • Connecting with the mountains
  • Backbone CIC
  • People of the Global Majority and terminology
  • Great days out in the Highlands of Scotland
  • Relationship based connections
  • Backbone Symposium
  • Less Conversations More Action
  • Repetitive Research Syndrome


Pammy Johal, born in the 60’s in inner city Coventry to a Sikh immigrant family, at  16, a school trip introduced her to the mountains where she experienced the ‘WOW’ moment that changed her life. A force much bigger than her took her to explore wild landscapes of the world! Not something her parents or community were keen on. “It’s not what our girls do!.. what will everyone say??!!” Her drive was so strong she did it anyway at the risk of totally losing her world.

She encountered many complex and painful challenges with people of all backgrounds including her own family/community. Through these emotional and physical challenges, she discovered her own core values. This was a journey of self-discovery, understanding and respecting differences and a passion for environmental protection.

She has been an outdoor/environmental practioner since 1979 and in 1995 it struck her hard as she noticed the lack of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic role models in the sector, at every level, from service users to Board level and felt very strongly this had to change.

In 1995 she laid the foundation for what is now Backbone.

Website: Backbone CIC

Twitter: Backbone CIC

Instagram: Backbone CIC

Facebook: Backbone CIC

Information about the June Symposium, Changing Landscapes – Actioning Change, can be found here.