Episode Summary

Hello and welcome back to The Earth Sea Love Podcast. Welcome to another mini series of episodes which focus on Climate Justice and are in conjunction with Northumberland National Park Authority’s Future Landscapes Festival.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to The Earth Sea Love Podcast.

We are excited to bring you another mini series of specially commissioned episodes which explore climate justice and decolonisation of the environmental and conservation movement.

Created and specially commissioned in collaboration with Northumberland National Park Authority’s Future Landscapes Festival, which focuses on ‘Nature, People, Climate, Place’, explores how England’s precious landscapes serve people, nature, industry, and climate.

It will include an exhibition, and a series of thought-provoking discussions and experiences designed to prompt people to think about the role landscape plays in their lives, and what they want the landscape in Northumberland National Park to look like in the future.

With our podcast episodes, we aim to bring diverse and critical voices to the table of discussions an decision making.

In this episode, hosted by Dr Sheree Mack in conversation with Shaira Begum, they discuss:

  • Going at a slower pace
  • Job hunting and finding the dream job
  • Rest and recovery
  • Looking to serve the community on our doorsteps
  • Local renters’ unions
  • Community work/ community organising 
  • Power dynamic/ distribution mapping
  • Reconnecting with the older generation
  • Sharing knowledge and power
  • Social Justice
  • COP26/ COP26 Coalition
  • Taking positive action for change
  • Telling the stories of Indigenous People
  • Global Day of Action, Saturday 6 November 2021
  • Centring the voices of the Global South
  • Climate Reframe
  • COP26 Reparations 

Share Begum Bio:

Shaira is an environmental justice organizer, working on health and climate projects with over 10 years experience as an environmental educator, trainer and facilitator.

Keen to live somewhere in the countryside one day with her own chickens, market garden , a fat poly tunnel and goats… Dreaming big!

Shaira was born in Brick Lane and still lives there , grateful for her educators and  elders around who have always shown her the benefits of growing her own produce from her own motherlands, the food that they grew up on. Shaira has a background in training and facilitation with community groups, runs food growing and nature connection workshops, naturally runs inclusive participatory ways of working within community care context and bringing lived experience to the forefront. Connect  with Shairavia twitter –   @Shairaecostuff