Episode Summary

The second episode in our mini series in conjunction with Northumberland National Park Authority’s Future Landscapes Festival, we bring you City Girl in Nature, aka Kwesia X.


Episode Notes

Welcome back to another episode of The Earth Sea Love Podcast.

During Season 3, we are producing a number of mini series focusing on specific issues.

In this episode with the lovely Kwesia X, known usually as City Girl in Nature, and your host Sheree Mack will be talking about: 

  • Catching up and checking in 
  • Name change for the future
  • The recent trip to Kenya
  • The return and a changed outlook on nature
  • Swimcaps for Black people
  • Going back to our roots, Africa
  • Just picking one thing to focus on in this climate crisis
  • The Quest of City Girl in Nature
  • The Outdoor Online Series of Films
  • Helping people through being an example to follow
  • Volunteering to up skill
  • Black Girls Hike UK
  • COP26 happenings. 


Kwesia X

Kwesia grew up in Deptford, an inner city area of South-East London. Along with many of her

friends, neighbours and peers, who all experienced a great deal of the challenges that come

with living in an area, and with people, who have often been neglected, excluded and


She struggled a great deal with making sense of senseless violence and trauma, she had

faced, she found herself homeless, moving from sofa to sofa, and struggling with her mental

health and well-being. Her life was chaotic, often harsh, without meaning or any sense of

direction or purpose.

At her lowest, she received what could be regarded as a gift and a blessing. An opportunity

to be part of a British Exploring Society’s expedition to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. She

spent 3 weeks in a remote part of the jungle, with no phone or contact with the outside

world, & with a group of people that she barely knew.

This, in many ways, was a life-changing experience for her. She experienced the beauty of

nature, where there was no judgement, just life teaming with energy and opportunity. And

bonds of friendship and loyalty with strangers who had to discover ways to live and work

together in order to be successful. On her return she started to think about connecting with

other people, particularly with young people like herself, some of whom have never had the

opportunity to experience anything other than poverty and hardship. She wanted to explore

if a connection with nature, could touch them in a similar way that it had with herself.

This led to the start of City Girl in Nature, as a way to give back to her community. To share

her love and passion for the outdoors, and belief that everybody should have the chance to

be healed, to be nourished, and to life with abundance.

Please do join her on my journey and keep up-to date with progress.

Twitter: City Girl in Nature

IG: City Girl in Nature

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