Episode Summary

Welcome back to The Earth Sea Love Podcast. This is the final episode in our mini series in collaboration with Northumberland National Park Authority. Thank you for listening.


Episode Notes

The Earth Sea Love Podcast is proud to bring you the final episode in the mini series of specially commissioned episodes in conversation with people who are at the forefront of climate justice, decolonising education and writing for healing when we as black and brown bodies carry trauma and grief as well as joy.

This episode, with your host Sheree Mack, is with the delightful Jordan Mullard, a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Durham University.

In this episode they talk about:

  • Getting out into nature
  • Living and working in the Durham bubble
  • Seasonally diverse spaces and places
  • Creating a sense of belonging
  • Connecting with other women of colour
  • Decolonising anthropology
  • Collective decolonisation¬†
  • Making known ‘the other’
  • Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) research
  • Getting lost in the archives
  • Childhood experience in nature
  • Wild swimming
  • Stereotypes around Black people and water
  • Being in a mixed race body in society
  • The love of horses
  • Charity work while doing what you love


Dr Jordan Mullard (she/her) is a social anthropologist specialising in the anthropology of race, caste, health inequality, and identity. The current lead for decolonising anthropology in her department, she has written on the subject, offered consultancy on decolonising and anti-racism to a range of stakeholders, and has developed a new module on decolonising anthropology in her department. Her PhD awarded by the London School of Economics explored social mobility and identity-making among Dalits in rural India during a period of economic crisis. In addition to her academic research and teaching experience, Jordan has had an applied consultancy career in anti-racism, race equality, and Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) learning, development and policy where she co-designed and led large scale race equality, cross-cultural knowledge, and EDI consultancy projects across private, public and not-for-profit sectors both nationally and internationally. She has also worked as a consultant for Black-Led community development initiatives and health and social care research at the local level.

Teaching Fellow in Anthropology of Health

Twitter: @JordanMullard

Linked In: Jordan-m-2hb8ab85