To mark the 2nd anniversary of The Earth Sea Love Podcast, we are bringing you two special episodes.

The first episode, 047: ‘Nothing On Your Back’: Freedom, Spirituality and Creativity with Marcia Ley, is such a juicy, fulfilling listen.

Marcia Ley, an Artist, Cyclist, lover of nature, based in the North-East of England, shares how she is inspired by nature in her attempt to bring this awesomeness into her practice. A painter and printmaker, and a sticker, Marcia uses her artwork to say thank you to Mother Nature.

In this episode, we talk about her practice, her Christianity, a Christian green movement, getting outdoors alone as well as with a group of women cycling.

Outdoors can be Marcia’s sanctuary, inspiration, wonder and joy.

Take a listen to this episode and be inspired yourself as nature get’s her own back in so many wonderful and awesome ways.

Thanks for listening and enjoy.



Marcia Ley is an Artist , Cyclist , lover of nature , van lady, person of faith , collector  and walker. My work responds to all of these elements. I feel deeply connected to the natural world and I’m passionate about improving our care for it. I work in the medium of printmaking, painting and collage. My  home workshop Garden Press is a space for my personal practice ,small group and one to one tuition .

Website: Marcia Ley  

Instagram: @marcia.ley and @garden_press