To mark the 2nd anniversary of The Earth Sea Love Podcast, we are bringing you two special episodes.

The second episode is with the lovely and wise, Dr. Geeta Ludhra. Geeta, a Lecturer in Education at Brunel University, talks about the walking group she set up after recently moving to The Chilterns, Dadima.

In this episode we also talk about:

*  the privilege of living in a certain place

* the meaning of the name ‘Dadima’

* the grandmother figure and wisdom within diverse cultures

* an embodied connection with nature

* being a seeker of knowledge, culture and connection

* the diversity of nature connections and amplifying these stories

* walking, self-care and nature

* nature and creativity

* the trauma baton and choosing joy

* the privilege of serving community

* future plans and dreams.



(A British-born South Asian woman, of Hindu religious background. She/her)

Dr Geeta Ludhra lives in the Chilterns, after living in Slough, Hounslow and Nottinghamshire. She was raised within humble circumstances, as the daughter of first-generation South Asian parents who settled from India in the early 60s. Geeta’s heritage, education journey and research interests bring a unique lens as a Board Member of the Chilterns Area of Natural Beauty. Geeta is passionately committed to diversity and representation in relation to natural landscapes as inclusive green spaces for all.

Geeta works as a Lecturer in Education at Brunel University, where she teaches across Postgraduate programmes and engages in academic research. She is currently researching her book on ‘successful’ South Asian women. Her background is rooted in primary school teaching and leadership, where she has worked across diverse London schools, specialising in English. Her working interests touch on women’s studies, social inclusion in education, anti-racism, and respectful ways of working with more ‘hard-to-reach’ communities.

As part of her community interests, Geeta runs a registered community enterprise, where she promotes intergenerational heritage cooking and storytelling, monthly nature walks and leads a women’s writing group.


Instagram: @_dadimas
Twitter: @educatinggeeta