You have just joined another solo episode with the host of The Earth Sea Love Podcast, Dr. Sheree Mack as she takes the time and energy to share with you her healing journey of 2023, so far!

This episode starts with a quote from Alex Elle, which states,  ” give yourself permission to mend slowly, and sweetly, and in due time. there’s no need to rush your healing, there’s no need to “get over it” today – or even tomorrow. let your process lead you. make space for your grief to teach you something.”

Sheree follows up this quote from Alex Ella with a discussion around:

* We all need to heal

* Getting her fur fix on through dog sitting

* Sharing another practice of her healing process – oracle cards

* The Earthcraft Oracle by Juliet Diaz and Lorriane Anderson and illustrated by Danielle Boodoo-Fortune

* Pulling number 13 – Inner Healer card

* Choosing to take trauma and transforming it into medicine

* Shining light and confronting pain