Earth Sea Love CIC is super excited to share our latest news with you.

We have successfully applied to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for the Feel the Green- Reconnecting with Nature project in partnership with Forestry England. This is a Black-led project which will provide the means for us to continue to offer opportunities within nature for People of the Global Majority,

Feel the Green- Reconnecting with Nature, a natural heritage project led by Earth Sea Love CIC and supported by the Forestry England has three main strands; engagement, belonging and amplification.

The engagement sections offers a range of different activities outside to a variety of different individuals and groups.
Such as family friendly days out offering activities to encourage families to spend more time in the natural environment and better equip them with understanding and knowledge needed to spend time outdoors as a family. Such activities as: bird nest building, outdoor art, and dark skies activities. These interventions will create connections between participants and natural heritage in fun and practical ways at the same time as exploring environmental sustainability.

Seasonal opportunities to forest bathe and engage in wellbeing, mindfulness workshops will support the Black women’s mental health and wellbeing enabling them to switch off their worries and cares and just be within the green. To sit and just listen within the trees. Offering reconnection and relaxation through the breath, senses and bodies appreciating tree maintenance and all that involves also.

Also the SHEROES from inner city Newcastle are returning to enjoy a number of active experience days which will encourage these young girls to spend more time in the natural environments, providing them with the experiences and knowledge to better understand what they can do/be out there at the same time as caring for nature. Including orienteering, rock, Archery, Catapulting, Rope skills. Bushcraft. Mountain bike coaching and riding. This will be series of sessions over a number of months. These practical workshops will also develop the knowledge and skills needed to undertake to be safe and confident outdoors, as well as learning to minimise damage to the landscape. Offering for the next generation experiences outdoors in a safe, managed ways as well as learning how to adapt to climate change and have a positive environmental impact.

Working with our members, networks and other national landscape organisations we aim to amplify what this project is achieving as well as facilitating the conversations around people of colour and natural heritage in the mainstream through our podcast,  website, workshops and presentations within the community as well integrating such events into part of our partners’ ongoing timetable of events.

We’re s exited to share with you our adventures. Watch out for a new page on the website where you’ll be able to keep up to date with developments.