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Feedback from Jola after our foraging adventure:

After a weekend out in nature, I returned home feeling rejuvenated, however all the stresses of life caught up with me and I began to struggle. I felt drained, frustrated and embarrassed. Why was I feeling like this? Especially after such an amazing weekend. I felt the void closing in. I felt the need to lock myself in and isolated myself. Then I received an email on Wednesday. It was for a trip on Thursday. I read Sheree’s post on post walk depression before this so when asked if I wanted to go, I jumped at the chance. The moment I walked into the Angelou centre, I felt a massive weight fall off my shoulders. Everyone was excited, their eyes twinkling with joy. I started to smile again. We got to Harehope Quarry and girl was it beautiful. The cabin was like something set out in an old western film with amazing natural views. Learning about foraging naturally took me back to little lessons I learned about poisonous and delicious food in our garden as a child. Some of the things we tasted were just like magic. Leaf that tasted like mustard and mint. Buds that tasted just like nuts. It was amazing. We made a fire and cooked what we foraged. I felt my inner girl scout, I never was a girl scout but I was connected to nature and nature was connected to me. I just couldn’t stop singing. Returning home once again, I had an amazing sleep and feel rejuvenated. I can’t wait to just be out in nature again